There are some foods you can only get in El Paso.

Yes, Chico's Tacos is the typical one many people must have when returning to the Sun City.

My brother is one of those former El Pasoans who demands a stop at Chico's, Whataburger and a local pizza shop, Flicks Pizza. Now that he is in Riverside, California his tummy misses that sweet Chico's juice.

When another former El Pasoan gets those 915 cravings, she makes sure to get her fill of El Paso eats while visiting, according to her TikTok.

@ambersorbae First time home in 3 years ❤️ #elpaso #elpasotx #chucotown #915 #home #food #elpasofood #milspouse #fortbliss ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Amber Nicole made an awesome TikTok featuring all the foods she stuffed her face with while in El Paso. Peter Piper Pizza was her first stop, followed by a Mexican Roll from The Sushi Place, then Chico's Tacos, and then Applebees.

I am going to stop at the Applebees section because Amber just taught me something. Coconut Iced Tea is allegedly ONLY a thing in El Paso, Texas. Honestly, I hardly go to Applebees so had no idea but glad to have found this out. I would also like to recommend those who read this to try Crave's Coconut tea, it is my fav.

Anyway, back to Amber.

She continues her food tour for some menudo from La Malinche, a Whataburger and finishes it off with a mango cider from Union Draft House.

I think more TikTokers need to give us a list of items they must have when visiting certain places because I would love to know. Amber's list is awesome in my opinion but would love what other visitors must have when they are back in El Paso.

Gives me a good excuse to continue to scroll through TikTok for some yummy El Paso eats.

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