Not everyone likes jalapeños, but for those of us who do- the are the magical pepper that sometimes complete your meal!

Jarritos Mexican Soda via Unsplash
Jarritos Mexican Soda via Unsplash

Jalapeños are great in salsas, with some tacos on popcorn, on nachos- some even just bite into the pepper itself; really just about anything. And now you can add one more thing they go great with: chocolate!

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That's right, chocolate covered jalapeños are the hot and trendy summer treat everyone is trying- and I have to admit, it looks pretty tempting! Check out this TikTok video!

If you can make chocolate covered strawberries and cherries, then I guess I see no reason why you shouldn't be making chocolate covered jalapeños as well!

While these jalapeños look like they're just dunked in chocolate, there are some who decide to stuff them with cream cheese and even PEANUT BUTTER before they're dipped in the chocolate!

How amazing is that? Easy to make at home and with minimal ingredients. It's like a churro with filling- except this is a jalapeño. And it would make sense, jalapeño poppers are stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon and that is a delicious combination! By the way, you also can wrap them in bacon BEFORE you dip them in chocolate!

Bacon and chocolate are already a good combination now imagine adding jalapeño?!

I've always seen those fancy chocolates that say they have chile peppers mixed in and people seem to love them. I've never tried that kind of chocolate but these chocolate covered jalapeños look like something that I would be willing to try and I'm sure many El Paso foodies would be willing to try too- if they haven't already!

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