Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, this one happens to be a nurse from 1984. Help the little girl she saved, now a grown woman, find her to say thank you.

In 1984, Angela Hands, then 9, was mauled almost to death by four pit bulls. Now 41-years-old, and 31 years later, she is searching for one of the New Mexico nurses who saved her life so she can say thank you.

Angela was attacked by four pit bulls that belonged to her uncle and she still carries the scars on her arms and legs to this day. The vicious attack nearly killed her and she was airlifted to what is now known as The University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque  with her legs ripped apart.

Angela stated that her nurse used to leave notes on her door encouraging Angela and ensuring her that someone was there that cared for her when her parents were not. Her name was Laura.

Angela has managed to trace down the doctor and the helicopter nurse who helped save her life that day, but she still can't find Laura. Angela says she thinks Laura's last name might be Zeller, and she'd be about 60  now.

If you think you know who this nurse is, click HERE and send an email to help them reunite.

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