This Ratchetfest of a fight is the most disturbing thing you'll see all day.

The brawl between two women clearly old enough to know better in the middle of an Indiana Walmart was made even more disconcerting when one of the fighters prompts her 6-year-old son to unleash his little fists of fury on the other combatant.

The cellphone video shows that the women had exchanged words while one of them, the blonde, was tooling around in one of the store’s scooters. Before long, and seemingly to the surprise of the brunette, who had her son with her, the apparently able-bodied blond sprung up from the scooter and the fight was on like Donkey Kong.

As they grappled on the ground, the child attempted to slam the blonde woman in the head with a bottle of soap, until the onlookers, who didn't want to get involved, told him to stay out of it -- even as his mother coaxed him to "punch her in the f**ing face!" The kid then steps to the disbelieving onlookers and exclaims, “Do not even tell me what to do!” before returning to the fight.

I'm not sure what's most troubling about the whole thing: the kid, the woman in the scooter who obviously doesn't need it, the spectators who do nothing but stand around, or the waste of perfectly good shampoo.