As soon as the violins start playing my heart immediately drops. A lump in my throat starts to form and I can't even make it past 30 seconds when the tears begin to well up in my eyes. This is my reaction EVERY TIME I hear "Amor Eterno" being performed.

"Amor Eterno" in English means "Eternal Love." The sad but beautiful song was written by arguably the most famous Mexican singer and songwriter- Juan Gabriel, then later interpreted by Rocio Durcal. The song's theme is basically death. Although it sounds macabre, it really isn't. It's cathartic and beautifully expresses the process of grief. Translated into English, the song says

"How I wish that you still lived, that your precious eyes had never closed, so that I could see them now... Eternal love,  and unforgettable."

The song has been embraced by Hispanics everywhere. Many other artists have interpreted it, we hear it at concerts, we hear it at parties and mostly, we hear it at funerals. It's a song we use to say goodbye to our loved ones. Now, it's a song used to say goodbye to the 22 victims we lost after the August 3rd shooting. Those 22 were someones parents, siblings, abuelito, abuelita, padrino, madrina, tio or tia.

On Sunday, August 4, just one day after the shooting, it was performed by Mariachi Puesta del Sol at the vigil held at Ponder Park.

  Then, in an impromptu tribute, a young woman sang it a the Cielo Vista parking lot memorial.


The song has become the anthem that helps comfort everyone grieving.

In the days to come, and as the victims are laid to rest, we'll more than likely continue to hear "Amor Eterno" performed. Whether it's sung by Mariachis, a capella, or in a group, the song does give us a message of hope; saying one day we'll reunite with our loved ones once again.

..."Sooner or later I will be with you so we can continue loving each other..."

You can hear the beautiful song in it's entirety, sung by Rocio Durcal, below.

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