Have you noticed more flies? It’s not your imagination. The struggle is real.

If your situation is anything like mine than you’re seeing more flies around your household than the number of weeds that have suddenly popped up in the yard, flower beds, and driveway cracks.

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The recent monsoon rains are the main reason why for both the weeds and the flies, but we'll put a pin on the weed situation for now and focus on the reason for the increased number of annoying flies hanging around your pets, trash can, and doorway.

I did a bit of a deep dive on the topic and come to find out flies just love it when it rains more than usual.


Seems they breed in decaying, organic matter because fly eggs and larvae need to be in a moist environment. So, the wetter it is the more decaying matter there is. More decaying matter means more fly bow-chicka-bow-wow, and more fly sexy time equals you swinging your matamoscas around like a Jedi Knight in a lightsaber duel.

Fun Fly Fact: Tt only takes one good rainfall to yield a larger than normal hatch of flies; especially after a long dry spell. And in the last month we’ve had two rainfall events make it into the record books, so that’s why you’ve been seeing more flies lately.

Fun Fly Fact Number Two: Did you notice in the last paragraph I referred to it as a “hatch of flies”? Come to find out thanks to the Farmer’s Almanac, a group of flies is known as a swarm, hatch, or business of flies. You learn something new every day. All this time I thought a bunch of flies was just that; a bunch of flies.

Okay, well, I’m off to the home improvement store for more of those smelly fly traps. They say you catch more flies with honey, but I prefer to make them suffer.

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