El Pasoans can’t stop gushing about how green the Franklin Mountains are looking these days. Sure, a lot of the green is weeds, but that hasn't stopped The El Paso Internet from posting photo after photo of the lush vegetation that has taken up residence on every available yard, hiking trail, mountainside and traffic median in and around town.

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This year’s very active monsoon and the amount of rain it’s produced in a short amount of time has brought so much life to the desert, and the change to the normally arid landscape is dramatic.

Maybe not quite as exaggerated as the viral photo posted below would have you believe, though. But the very funny and very well done photo manipulation perfectly captures in an over-dramatized way just how much locals have been marveling at our mountain’s transformation.

Sadly there is no Chico's Tacos nestled on the foothills of a forested mountain with rolling hills and a country road leading up to it. The Alameda location by Washington Park is as close to that as you’re going to get. But still, thanks for the LOL.

There’s no telling how much longer the scenery is going to look like this so enjoy the views.

El Paso's monsoon runs through September 30 and has already dropped close to 9 inches across the Borderland since mid-June making the 2021 Monsoon Season the second wettest in history, according to the National Weather Service El Paso.

With several weeks of rainy season to go, maybe we’ll stay green a while longer. Without the devastating flooding. And all the weeds.

Miguel Vigil
Miguel Vigil

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