You wouldn't think that billboards aren't that effective when it comes to getting your name out there, since we're always on our computers or smart phones. But if you're constantly on the move, billboards are still a very effective way for people to see what you're trying to say or share. One particular local artist knows that and has his own billboard in El Paso.

Normally when you see a band on a billboard, it's usually to promote a concert; you see them all the time along the highway. If you live in El Paso, you'll definitely see them before you hit Downtown or in various spots off I-10. But one local artist has decided to use this to his own advantage; by sharing his music.

Where is this billboard in El Paso?

If you travel on I-10, right around the McRae exit, you'll see a giant billboard with a name that says "Rivers Ventura". There's also links on where to find his music & social media pages.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

Who is Rivers Ventura?

Rivers is an independent indie rock artist from Las Cruces with a huge following in Cruces & El Paso. He's played Minerpalooza at UTEP in 2021 & he's released at least 2 albums (and a few singles) as of March 2023.

How long has Rivers had that billboard up in town?

It turns out, the billboard has been up for quite a while now. Since November of 2022; as noted by this post on Instagram.

Has any other artist done something like this?

To my knowledge, I haven't seen any local artist do anything like this. Of course we've seen many bands promote their music at shows or online; but not to this extent. Although I'd love to see more artists come up with these creative ways to get their music out there, on a wide scale.

If you want to see some other crazy billboard stories in El Paso; you can see the controversial billboard we had a while back that said "make love not babies" or the battle between NMSU & UTEP.

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