We all know about Taco Tuesdays, but some El Paso restaurants have decided that one day dedicated to a yummy food item isn't enough. A bunch of burger joints and restaurants in El Paso have decided that burgers should get in on the action, but the good thing is, you can enjoy a great burger at a great price almost any day of the week.

Burgers, apparently, are too good to be contained to just one day, so these restaurants are offering 5 dollar deliciousness on different days so you can get your well-priced munch on more than once a week.

The next trend I want to see is $2 slab-o-chocolate cake Fridays. I'll keep my eyes open for that and let you know when it catches on.

1. Panda Burgers - 10780 Pebble Hills Blvd

2. Steve'Os - 1491 N Lee Trevino Dr

3. Kahlo Kitchen - 12420 Edgemere Blvd.

courtesy: Kahlo Kitchen
courtesy: Kahlo Kitchen

4. Tutus Burgers - 1641 N Zaragoza Rd

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