"Who cares?"  "Why is this news?"

Do you want to drive people in the media absolutely bananas?  Then just make sure you comment on their Facebook page with one of those two phrases.



Who Cares
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I know, I know - "But, Trishy, freedom of speech!  I get to say 'who cares' AND 'why is this news' if I want to!"

And you are so right.  You get to say whatever you want on Facebook posts.  But why would you take the time to say either of those?  I mean, clearly people care.  Just watch any newscast and you’ll see how excited quite a few people around the world are about the new royal.  There have been over 2 million tweets and counting about the royal baby.  As for being newsworthy - one of my favorite Facebook responses has been, "Why is this news?  Women have babies every day and we don't hear about those."

Right again!  But it isn't the birth that is newsworthy - it's the person who gave birth, and what that birth means.  There are lots of news stories that I don't find newsworthy.  I can't understand why anything concerning the Westboro "Church" is considered worthy of any reporter’s time.  They spew hate and are universally derided as morons, yet, every time they issue a press release with yet another river of excrement about a soldier's death, or Taylor Swift being a "whore", people report on it.  I get that not every story is going to be interesting to every person, but the beauty of the news is, there is always another story coming along if you don’t like the one that is grabbing headlines at any given moment.

I know I’m a news junkie, so I’ll pretty much watch any newscast, no matter how fluffy or hard the story is.  I guess to all the “Who cares” and “Why is this news” people I can only say this - Isn’t it better to know what’s going on in the world no matter how fluffy the story?  I know you spend all your time on Facebook looking up ways to help the homeless and hungry.  I know you never check TMZ, and I know you have no idea who the Kardashians are, and that’s great!  But me, I’m going to go along with all the silly, over-the-top fun surrounding the new prince.  Life is too short to be oh-so-blasé and too-too-cool not to!

Ok, let all the "Why should I care what you think, Trishy," comments begin!!!