The holiday season is upon us, and as any real El Pasoan will tell you, it wouldn’t be Christmas without tamales.

The delicious mixture of masa filled with chicken or pork, wrapped in a corn husk, and steamed to perfection is a requirement at the dinner table this time of the year.

And while many families come together for a tamalada, or tamale-making party, I personally prefer to take the easy way out and just buy a dozen or three. Fortunately, El Paso is a big tamal town and there are plenty of restaurants that make them as good as any lady selling them out of a cooler at a Lower Valley Walmart parking lot.

Below are 10 El Paso-area restaurants known and loved for their tamales.

The list was compiled using my own voodoo science consisting of a mix of Yelp and Foursquare ratings, our listener’s input, opinions of trusted tamal lovers, and my own taste buds and arranged alphabetically.

Click on the address for driving directions.

Bowie Bakery

901 Park Street

Doña Lupita Tamales

13431 Montana Ave # A

Gussie's Tamales & Bakery

2200 N Piedras St

Mamas Mexican Restaurant

1461 N. Lee Trevino

La Choza Menudazo y Tamalotes

1155 N Zaragoza Rd Ste 105


La Colonial Tortilla factory

212 N Copia St

La Tapatia

8941 Old County Dr

Pepe's Tamales

9530 Viscount Blvd

Tamales Lupita

6860 Doniphan Dr B, Canutillo, TX

Valentines Bakery

11930 Picasso Dr