Meet Cowboy Kent Rollins who makes some amazing food on YouTube, and also shares them on TikTok. Rollins has had appearances on "Chopped Grill Masters", "Chopped Redemption" and "Beat Bobby Flay" and just looking at some of his videos you'll understand why he's become quite a sensation online.

Dubbing him the "internet's grandpa" Rollins shares everything from Dutch oven cooking to grilling over a live fire, but one video has become a favorite, especially among the Mexican's who follow grandpa Rollins.

Because it is tamal season, tamal recipes are highly popular this time of year and boy do we love to judge them! Whether it's too much masa or not enough meat, the internet will definitely let you know if your tamales look like they will suck!

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Rollins surprised everyone when his tamales recipe was uploaded to TikTok- surprised because his recipe actually looks AUTHENTIC! He makes it look so easy, which as we all know- it's kind of a pain in the butt to make them- and now everyone is calling him "Abuelo Kent"- check it out below and prepare to be amazed at this recipe!

You heard him! You CAN'T be stingy with the meat! I can tell you this went in the right direction when he added the chile to the masa!

As a Mexican who makes tamales every year for Christmas, I- and my mom- approve of this recipe! My mom's favorite part was when he used a spoon to spread the masa and not all the chingaderas that everyone tries to use to make things go faster!

The comments range from "Cultural appreciation at its very very finest" to "thank you for not pulling a 'Rachel Ray' and keeping this 100"- if you're not sure what they mean by the Rachel Ray comment, check out this.

As the tamales begin to flow this holiday season and you're looking for a simple recipe, maybe try Abuelo Kent's recipe, because I can already tell you that they will taste a toda madre! Check out his full video below! Felices fiestas!

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