Find all kinds of beauty services for a fraction of the cost when you visit any beauty school in El Paso.

Now more than ever everyone is looking for a great deal and when it comes to beauty schools, they are the affordable way to get your glow on.

Before the pandemic, I often made my nail or facial appointments at Tri-State Cosmetology, one of the many beauty schools in the El Paso area. For months beauty schools just like hair salons were shut down but now are getting ready to re-open to the public.

For years beauty schools have been a nicely kept secret where anyone can score beauty services for a fraction of the cost of high-end salons.

Beauty schools such as Tri-State Cosmetology offer an array of services including manicures, blowouts, eyelash extensions, haircuts and so much more for both women and men.  My appeal for Tri-State Cosmetology lies in the school's consistent professionalism, cleanliness, and relaxing environment that keeps me going back.

Tri-State Cosmetology will be reopening to the public on October 5, 2020, by appointment only.

Tri-State Cosmotology
Tri-State Cosmetology

Tri-State Cosmetology is just one of the beauty schools in El Paso that offers beauty services for a fraction of the cost – others include:

So, the next time you are looking to treat yourself to a deep condition or a blowout, look up your nearest beauty school and ask if they are currently offering services to the public. These budget-friendly beauty services will have you saving a few bucks while making you look good too.

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