Here is where you can buy your El Paso Strong T-shirt.

The El Paso Strong t-shirts feature a star outlined by yellow lights and was created by local artist MoCha Designs to help raise money for the victims and their families of the August 3rd shootings.

The t-shirt is available at various local retailers and printers including:

  • Viva La Mocha
  • Chuco Relic
  • Proper Printshop
  • Dress Comfy 9015
  • One Stop Print Shop
  • Prepi
  • Fresh Press
  • Humble Tees

Before you purchase your El Paso Strong t-shirt or any other El Paso themed t-shirt make sure that you verify that the vendor is donating 100% of the proceeds to the El Paso Community Foundations Victims’ Fund or going directly towards the victims and their families and not profiting from the sales of the shirt.

T-shirt prices may also vary. Chuco Relic, for example, is selling the El Paso Strong t-shirt for $20 and is donating all the proceeds to the El Paso Community Foundation.

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