2021 is coming to an end & with the Christmas weekend behind us, that only leaves one holiday left to celebrate this year: New Year's Eve.

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I usually tend to celebrate New Year's either at home with family, at work, or enjoying a nice cold one & blasting out a ton of Rush. But if you like to go out & are looking to party one last time this year there are a TON of events going down on New Years Weekend:

  • DeadBeach Brewery,406 Durango St, is hosting their New Year's Eve Party at 6pm. Dusty Low, A. Billie Free will be performing.
  • The Amano Artist Co-Op, 210 Poplar St, is hosting an 80's Video Dance Party where people can sign up & compete in a lip-sync battle. Starts at 6pm.
  • The Hotel Paso Del Norte is hosting a Roaring 20s New Years Eve Bash at 7:30pm with live music from the Ryan G. Band.
  • King's X, 4119 N Mesa, is hosting their annual New Year's Eve Party at 9pm Brittney's Rage will be performing.
  • EPIC Bar & Grill, 510 N Stanton St, is having their New Year's Eve Party at 9pm. Music by DJ Ricky Leaks & Bordertown Underground.
  • Raves Club, 6816 Commerce Ave, is hosting their NYE Rave at 8pm.
  • The El Paso Comic Strip on Airway will be presenting Greg Romero Wilson for 2 shows: an early 6:30pm show & a late 9pm show.
  • The Madrid Ballroom,13540 La Von Avenue, is having their New Years Dance & Dinner at 7pm. Music by Drive, Los Valle & DJ Glen.
  • You can find even more places for fine dining & dancing in El Paso HERE.

There are some New Year's Eve concerts going on as well:

If you do go out & party, make sure you enjoy yourself & stay safe. Meanwhile, I'm going to prepare my Rush 2112 cd to bring in 2022.

Here's Where To Find All 9 Of El Paso's Balloon Mural Series:

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