The segment of the ABC show What Would You Do that was filmed in El Paso in 2019 is finally scheduled to air Tuesday, July 21, on ABC.

As 93.1 KISS-FM reported last year, show host John Quinones and his crew set up inside Mac’s Place on Mills in April of 2019 to see how unsuspecting El Pasoans would deal with a scenario having to do with  “today’s immigration issues.”

The moral situation lunch customers were confronted with then was that of "a woman [facing] criticism for sponsoring a young immigrant child," per the ABC website. A clip of tonight's episode can be viewed below.

The ABC show secretly films people's reactions when faced with a dilemma, typically a morally challenging situation where the unsuspecting bystander has to decide if he or she will restore the viewer’s faith in humanity or mind his or her own business.

This young girl is out to lunch with her loving sponsor while awaiting an immigration hearing when a nearby diner expresses anger that the child is “here illegally" -- WWYD

The El Paso segment was initially set to air during the show's 2019 May season premiere but a change in network programming kept it off the schedule when ABC opted to continue airing episodes of 20/20 on Friday nights instead. A planned summer debut of WWYD never materialized.

"What Would You Do?" in the Borderland - 2019 Photo Gallery

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