One of my favorite singer songwriters today has got to be Mat Kearney!

He's performed in El Paso several times, the last being at Kiss-Fm's Champagne Festival!

So what do Red Lobster and Mat Kearney have in common? Well, in a new national advertising campaign, Red Lobster is revamping the brand and featuring real people in their commercials to broaden its appeal.

The ads also feature a powerful new tag-line, "Sea Food Differently," meant to not only distinguish Red Lobster as the casual dining establishment, but also remodeling its entire system of nearly 700 restaurants in a design inspired by the New England coast. And this is where Mat Kearney comes in…

Mat's new hit song - Hey Mama - will be featured in Red Lobster's new commercials! 

Check out the ad below and I'll see you at the Red Lobster for Endless Shrimp!!!  

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