We always watch Disney movies and get engulfed into the story, but have you ever wondered what the voices behind the character really look like? Now you can put the faces to the voices.

Some of the Disney princesses really do look like the cartoon. LIke Pocahontas, she is almost a dead on look alike for the indian beauty. My favorites are the older princesses like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, they are really timeless beauties.

Now for the flip side of this, what do the princes look like in real life?

I always loved Aladdin's voice and the guy that plays Steve on Full House, turns out they're the same guy. I never realized Mel Gibson played John Smith or that the guy that played Greg on the Brady Bunch movie played Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

These videos are really cool and we all love Disney anything around here so hope all you Disney lovers enjoyed it just as much as we did.


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