I just moved out to Horizon City, Texas and I am already terrified. Not because of my neighbors but because of the weird things that are popping up around my house.

First, it was the moth infestation. That quickly passed, but then came the wind! We have random wind attacks and they cause so much trash to end up around our yard.

I don't mean plastic bag type of trash, I mean I have found bags of cement, pieces of house, shoes, tons of cans, and just really random boxes.

Someone's bag of plastic bottles even ended up in my yard for a couple of minutes and flew away. I feel so bad for those bottles, I hope they were recycled.

I also want to blame the wind for throwing this terrifying creature in my yard. My finacé is terrified of spiders, so I had to go out and figure out what this thing is.

I shoved my phone at it to take some photos and brought them back to my fiancé, which he believes are called Madre De Alacran, aka MOTHER OF SCORPIONS. Is it a spider or a scorpion? WHAT is IT?!

I have not heard of such a creature, so of course, I haven't seen one before. I am worried in 2020 that some serious, dangerous creatures are just being created out of nowhere, so I need help in figuring out what this creature is.

Since it was dead on my doorstep, I am guessing the wind sent it a warning of what is to come.

So don't worry about me, I will just cry myself to sleep at night.

Emily Slape
Emily Slape
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