We’ve been spelling Gabriel Iglesias’ last name wrong all this time.

It turns out it’s with a ‘c’ not an ‘s’. I know, I did the Scooby Doo ‘huh?' too.

The ‘the more you know’ bombshell was dropped by Gabe himself on social media. El Paso’s favorite fluffy comedian recently toured Australia and posted a photo of his airline ticket on Twitter.

One eagle-eyed fan noticed the boarding pass was made out to “Iglecias, Gabriel”. “It appears the ticket counter agent couldn’t spell your last name,” he commented. To which Gabriel replied, “My last name legally is spelled Iglecias even though it should be Iglesias. It’s a long story.”

After some prompting by some of his Twitter followers, Iglesias explained:

Boom! Mexican mamas be knowing how to shade, amirite?

As amused as I am by his nowhere near “long story,” now I can’t help but wonder what else have we been led to believe about him all these years that isn’t true.

Is he truly ‘fluffy’ or is he really one of the other six levels of fatness? Does he even like cake or is he secretly a pie guy? I’m shook.

Gabriel Iglesias - The Sixth Level of Fat

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