A somewhat cryptic message on Gabriel Iglesias’ social media pages has fans concerned for his well-being.

In a post dated Wednesday, March 1, the self-proclaimed “fluffy” comedian wrote that his is dealing with "serious health and emotional issues that needed attention asap" and will be taking a break from his current stand-up tour to deal with the fall out.

“Attempting to work through my problems was not going over and I had to stop everything b4 things got worse,” he wrote. “Failing to make better choices and never taking a break in 20 years of intense touring has finally caught up to me.”

He didn’t elaborate much beyond that.

Iglesias is scheduled to perform in El Paso on May 19th at the Don Haskins Center. At this point only shows in March have been cancelled. Tickets for dates beyond that are still being sold via Ticketmaster, and that includes the El Paso show.

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