"Look who it is. It’s the King of the Mexicans."

El Paso’s favorite fluffy comedian, Gabriel Iglesias, will be back at the Don Haskins Center this Friday, February 22, 2019 with his new show.

It’s called “Beyond the Fluffy,” and while I don’t know what stories he’ll be telling this time around, I know what he won’t be talking about; politics. “I don’t get into politics because it divides people. U can’t please everyone and I don’t like that,” he said of the topic during a recent Ask Fluffy segment on Twitter.

It won’t be a re-hash of his latest Netflix special, "One Show Fits All," either.

“It will be all new material,” he wrote when asked. “No promises that it will be as funny as the @Netflix special but it will be new.” A popular choice on the streaming service, “One Show Fits All” is getting rave reviews by his huge legion of fans. In it, Gabriel looks back on his career, jokes about meeting Snoop Dogg and Chris Rock, and tells a tender, funny story about the last photo he has of his mother.

Tickets for Friday’s show are on sale at Ticketmaster.com and at the University Ticket Center.

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