It's one of the sure signs springtime in El Paso is right around the corner: Western Playland is about to open for the season.

So, what would do to go to Western Playland? Whether it be eat your broccoli (yuk!) or any other sacrifice, this year one thing you will have to do for sure is pay a little more.

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When Does the 2022 Season Start

The park announced on its website and social media it will be cranking up all the rides you know and love like the Tsunami, Hurricane, and the iconic El Bandido beginning at 3 p.m. Saturday, February 26, 2022.

But the price of riding all the rides as many times as you want will be a tad more expensive.

Admission Increase First Since Pandemic

Western Playland
Western Playland

After remaining closed for all but the first 5 days of the 2020 season as the pandemic wore on, Western Playland finally reopened in April of 2021, and even with the loss of an entire season and state mandated capacity limits when it was allowed to open again, the homegrown home town amusement park kept the Pay One Price Bracelet at the 2019 price.

But like groceries, dining out and just about everything else these days, the cost for a POP Bracelet is going up. This season, everyone taller than 42 inches will pay about $ 3.65 more this year, or $27.65 (plus tax). The price for the Junior Bracelet and Pay As You Go remains the same.

Inflation and Ecomonics

Pat Thomson, owner and operator of Western Playland, said economics and an increase in the minimum wage forced his hand.

Inflation has affected the price on everything, and everything we buy to maintain and operate the park and rides.

Then on top of that the minimum wage in New Mexico went up $1.00 per hour which affects payroll and Workmen’s Compensation insurance, and payroll taxes increased as well.

New Ride

Western Playland
Western Playland

But Thomson hasn’t let the high cost of labor and materials keep him from growing the park. This season will see the introduction of Western Playland’s newest ride, the Fire Ball.

Western Playland is located at 249 Futurity Drive in Sunland Park, New Mexico. It features more than 30 rides and attractions, including 2 roller coasters, a water ride, and an assortment of kid-friendly rides.

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