Attention fellow dino nerds, Western Playland has been overrun by giant lizards Jurassic Giants.

The national touring exhibition Dinoscapes has transformed an area of the amusement park into a prehistoric world, and a trip there will take you back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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Dinosaurs Once Roamed Our Area, Too

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Western Playland is actually quite an appropriate place to have the dino attraction because dinosaurs used to call what is now Sunland Park, New Mexico home some 80 million to 100 million years ago.

The Crocodile-like creatures straight out of the Cretaceous period left behind acres and acres of fossilized dinosaur tracks and giant fossil beds around Mount Cristo Rey, which isn’t that far from Western Playland.

The prehistoric impressions, including massive track ways that look as though a herd of dinosaurs passed through, was discovered by a UTEP geology student in 2002.


The interactive exhibit features over 50 animatronic dinosaurs as well as a fossil dig area, dino play area, and plenty of photo opps for your social media. The "scientifically accurate creatures" are displayed in exhibits made to look like what their natural habitat would be like, and move and roar.

The attraction will be at Western Playland through the end of October. It’s open during regular park hours and the cost is a $10 add-on.

3 Things about Dinosaurs You Didn't Learn in School*

• Not all of them were wiped out by an asteroid. Some were taxed to death by the city government.
• Most dinosaurs were vegetarians. And just like most vegetarians, they wouldn't shut up about it.
• There was a little-known species known as the "Kardashasaurus" that spent all its free time dating, mating, and posting sexy selfies.

*Because they are not true

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