Lately, everyone I know has been heading out to Western Playland.

Maybe it is because it is summer and they need to keep the kids busy, maybe it is because they miss riding some of the rides that have become iconic over the years.

Anytime someone says I am going to Western Playland, I ask them, "Have you been on the Tsunami?" Most answer yes.
If they say "NO" I say they, "Well, you need to."

That is one ride I feel defines the Western Playland experience. We don't have many amusement parks in El Paso, so most of these rides have become iconic to residents for standing the test of time.

One ride that many love and sometimes get the wrong impression from is the Yo-Yo.

I absolutely love the Yo-Yo but I also hate the fear that can sometimes come with riding it.

You are so high in the air, just sitting in a little chair connected to the ride with massive chains. The seatbelt for this ride is another metal bar.

Being able to crawl into that chair without hitting your head on that metal bar as a child was the biggest accomplishment back in the day.

It has been years since I have been on this ride and I miss it so much.

Luckily, TikTok user jo8brian reminded me just how beautifully terrifying the Yo-Yo ride is.

@jo8brian #yaawiee my bad for my language #elpasotx ♬ original sound - Ur tiktok gf

I love to see the sights from high up in the air, but do start freaking out when the ride goes faster. Plus some people are rude and they end up aggressively swinging on the swings, which causes a reaction of people hitting the back of your chair. Truly terrifying.

I think I will continue to just live through jo8brian's TikTok experience until I feel like risking my life again.

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