Is the water you drink providing you with adequate hydration? Does it contain all of the important elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and silica that your body needs?

Conventional filtration methods like distillation and reverse osmosis often remove everything and strip water bare, leaving you with nothing but water molecules. Sure, it's good for removing harmful toxins and waterborne diseases, but it doesn't retain any of the rich nutrients and minerals that naturally occur in water.

At Water Tree, they specialize in educating people about the importance of proper filtration and hydration and providing their customers with a wide variety of health, fitness, and nutrition products and supplements that suit all walks of life. They even have a window unit alkaline water dispenser available 24/7 for curbside service, safety, and convenience.

Water Tree prides themselves on delivering not only great customer service and reasonable prices but also a wealth of knowledge to their clients about the potential health benefits of alkaline water, the differences between waters, the chemistry and biochemistry of water and the importance for the body, and overall health.

As part of your loyalty and commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, Water Tree also offers a rewards program that gives you a free refill after every 10th refill and any recommendation or referral to their store.

Stop by Water Tree today at 1610 N Zaragoza Ste. C2 in El Paso or visit them online at to learn more about what they do and the products that they sell.