Khalid is looking super slim in his latest pictures on social media, thanks to his new vegan diet.

After recently adopting a new vegan diet, Khalid looks slimmer than ever in his latest social media photos.

If you follow Khalid on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ve seen how much weight he’s lost over the past few months.

Scrolling back through his posts, it looks like Khalid started on his vegan journey around September 2020 after he posted on Twitter that he was just a few weeks into his vegan diet:

“This is my 4th week eating vegan woooow”

Khalid Twitter

Six months later, you can see the dramatic difference his newly adopted vegan diet has made.

Picture timeline of Khalid's transformation via his Instagram:

Khalid starts his vegan diet in September.

Khalid Instagram

December - 3 months later.

Khalid Instagram

January  - 6 months later, Khalid is looking much thinner.

Going vegan has a slew of health benefits, but it’s hard for most people because many foods are off-limits. Personally, I’m a vegetarian, and while I’ve tried to go vegan a few times, my love for cheese really gives me up every time.

I admire Khalid for his commitment to his health, and after seeing his amazing transformation, I might give it a go one more time.

While we’re not sure what kind of vegan plan Khalid’s been following, we applaud his new health endeavor because it’s absolutely paying off.

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