Distribution of COVID-19 vaccines are well underway and local law enforcement agencies are asking the public to keep an eye out for signs of any potential scams

As of now, they are not aware of any specific cons related to the vaccine, but it sounds like it may be only a matter of time before less scrupulous individuals ramp up their efforts to take advantage of this currently massive undertaking.

To make matters worse, the initial phase of vaccine distributions includes people that are 65 years or older and this specific demographic has historically been more susceptible to be taken advantage of.

Some warning signs of a potential scam include:

  • Being asked to pay for receiving the vaccine.
  • Being asked to pay in order to secure an appointment or to “jump the line” and be placed near the front of the waiting list.
  • Unsolicited phone calls from an unknown source asking for extensive personal information in order to set up an appointment for a vaccine.
  • Social Media and other online adds from unknown or unfamiliar sources.
  • Marketers claiming they can ship doses of the vaccine directly to individuals in exchange for a fee.
  • Being asked for a social security number, bank account information, or for usernames and passwords

Currently, individuals need to take the initiative and sign up to receive the vaccine and will receive a call from an easily identifiable local health agency to setup an appointment.  They should already have your name so if they’re asking for it again along with a date of birth or other information should raise flags as well.

Priority group individuals that have not signed up for the vaccine yet, can safely do so via the City’s new portal at epcovidvaccine.com

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