If you've never gotten a COVID-19 nasal test then you are really missing out. And by missing out I mean you are missing out on getting your brain scratched by a long, skinny plastic swab for 10 seconds. Don't get me wrong, the test is super important. We want to make sure that the COVID-19 numbers go down and stay down. We have to mask up (and no, no one wants to wear a mask but it helps keep us all safe so just do it), we have to wash our hands frequently, and we need to get a vaccine.

The other thing we need to do is get a COVID-19 test if we are exposed to make sure that we aren't asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the coronavirus to others around us. There are a lot of sites around town that you can go to to be tested and when you are tested, it will look something like this.

I think the second guy in the video really should demand at least a drink to go along with that test. That swab went to the other side of his head it went so deep in his nose. I've had a couple of tests and they are no fun and the discomfort of the test is no reason to not get one.

I have to say though, these guys do have a lot of guts getting filmed doing this. I yelp like a stuck puppy and would never allow myself to be filmed being such a baby. Get vaccinated. Wear your mask. And post more videos like this so we can laugh at you, I mean with you.

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