With Independence weekend right around the corner, and the ban on fireworks in El Paso, we thought it would be nice to point you in the right direction to find some great fireworks displays.


Legal ones, where you won't get arrested.


Probably. We can't be held responsible for your actions. :)

  • Photo Johnnie Walker
    Photo Johnnie Walker

    El Paso Downtown Streetfest

    July 1st and 2nd

    Start the Independence celebrating early, on Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd. Every year, Downtown El Paso lights up with 2 huge fireworks displays as part of the El Paso Downtown Street Festival. While not actually occurring on July 4th this year, the Streetfest is the best place to go party for the Independence weekend with 20,000 of your closest friends! Enjoy live music on 5 stages, street food, beer and soda, car shows, motorcycle shows, and the biggest fireworks spectaculars in town, set to cool music.

    (That way you're not just watching things explode, but watching them go off to music!)

  • Flickr, stephen_gunby
    Flickr, stephen_gunby

    Speaking Rock Entertainment Center

    July 1st-4th

    Speaking Rock continues its FREE concert series over the Independence weekend, and includes fireworks all 4 nights! You can head over to see their fireworks after each concert, and in case you decide to watch displays elsewhere on the 1st, 2nd or 4th, you'll still have the 3rd!

  • YouTube-HardcoreEmoPandas

    St. Francis On The Hill

    Monday, July 4th

    Courtney likes to take his family to St. Francis on the Hill. It has a view of the upper valley where you can see the fireworks from Western Playland and El Paso Country Club.

  • Flickr, GanMed64
    Flickr, GanMed64

    Cloudview Baseball Complex

    Monday, July 4th

    JT goes over to the Cloudview Baseball Complex to watch some displays. "One of my favorite spots to watch fireworks is right-center fence on Field Number 1 at the Cloudview baseball complex off of Resler on the Westside. The fields sits above the neighborhood looking out over the Upper Valley, if you time it right, you can see the fireworks from the El Paso Country Club, Western Playland and Santa Teresa Country Club. "

  • YouTube, stevesraw
    YouTube, stevesraw

    Outside City Limits

    July 1st-4th

    Of course, if you want fireworks up close & personal with fireworks coming at you, try driving east on Montana at dusk on July 4th. You’ll be used as a moving target for fireworks. Believe me, I been there. What’s messed up…is parents are encouraging their kids to shoot their fireworks at cars and motorcycles. We should go out there this year and take pictures of these “Parents of the year” candidates.

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