A friend of mine shared a video of Charlie Puth describing how he put together his hit song “Attention” and it’s the coolest thing to see! Charlie Puth’s upcoming second album is called Voice Notes because he claims to use his iPhone to begin the songwriting process. Puth shares an original clip of “Attention” that was more “depressing” than the version we hear on the radio today before he spins it into this groovy track!

Charlie starts with a simple melody and continues to show the viewer how he dissects and layers the song but instead of hitting the listener with the “drop”, Charlie invents the anti-drop! Puth’s anti-drop is heard in that disco inspired hook & chorus that we know in Attention.

Attention is Charlie’s third top ten single peaking at number 5 and Voice Notes is expecting to hit shelves and be digitally released in late 2017 but the album doesn’t have a set release date.

Check out Charlie Puth for Rolling Stone below:

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