If you have recently received a letter for property taxes from Desert Cardinal Properties, of Cedar Park, Texas, think before you respond. It may be a scam.

Credit: claudiodivizia
Credit: claudiodivizia

Dona Ana County Chief Deputy Treasurer Eric Rodriguez is warning property owners to beware of official looking letters from a company calling itself Desert Cardinal Properties, of Cedar Park, Texas.

Rodriguez said the letters are a scam. If you receive one of these letters or anything similar one from a different company you should call 575-647-7433 to determine if you actually do owe back taxes.

It seems that several property owners have reported receiving the letters in recent weeks, offering to take ownership of properties for a fee, plus back taxes owed. The letters being sent include formal legal descriptions of their properties, and set a date when the transaction must be completed to be valid. Rodriguez stated that if you do indeed owe property taxes, they will work with you to keep the property and not set dates or ask for a fee. If you get a letter, safe way to make sure it is valid is to call the number listed.

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