Just when you think Disney couldn't get any better, they save a man from drowning in the ocean!

Quick thinking Disney crew members and passengers on board the Disney Magic cruise ship are getting all the credit for spotting and rescuing a man who fell overboard from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico last Thursday. The passenger had fallen off the Oasis of the Seas about 8 miles off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico when he was spotted by passengers aboard the Disney Magic ship.

The Disney Magic Cruise Ship lowered its rescue boat and the crew loaded the man, Frank Jade, onto the rescue boat. The ship then docked in Punta Langsota where the man was treated in a nearby hospital. He was in stable condition and was later reunited with his ship and family. The man was spotted because the Disney Magic was on the same path as the Oasis of The Sea. He had been in the water for several hours before being spotted by chance.