Victoria’s Mexican Grill, Canutillo’s best kept secret, has brought its Mexican cuisine and way of grilling steaks to El Paso’s far east food scene.

The locally owned restaurant that has expanded a number of waistlines with its plentiful plates and large steaks has expanded itself with a smaller, second location on Pebble Hills.

Even the name on its new building has done a bit of expanding, now known as Victoria’s Steakhouse and Mexican Grill.

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Victoria’s Steakhouse and Mexican Grill

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

Eastsiders can expect the typical Mexican fare we know and love around here such as tacos, enchiladas, flautas, and burritos but also soups and salads, and numerous takes on shrimp.

Of course, there are steaks, too, including the go-to entree that you might have seen a photograph or three on social media: the Arrachera steak.

It seems people who eat there just love snapping pics of that particular dish and sharing it on social media. I ain't hating, though, it's an eye-catching dish for sure.

Apart from the flavorful food, the quick friendly service gets mentioned a lot. Probably the biggest knock I see when reading reviews or comments about Victoria’s Mexican Grill is the prices.

Many find it too expensive, especially the steaks. But most agree, prices aside it's good eating.

Victoria’s Steakhouse and Mexican Grill is located in The Shops at Pebble Hills at 14021 Pebble Hills, suite A-107. Victoria’s Mexican Grill is down the street from The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso in Canutillo at 420 Talbot Ave.

Victorias Mexican Grill Steakhouse

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