From the first time I heard the opening riffs of “Eruption” as a teenager on my local FM station, I’ve been a fan of Van Halen. And although I dug the sound of Van Hagar, I always preferred the Diamond Dave era. Dave was more fun to watch and listen to than the more straight-ahead Hager. His flamboyance and stage persona alongside Eddie’s guitar wizardry was rock and roll, baby! Which is why I was disappointed upon hearing "Tattoo", the first new VH track with Roth in 28 years. Sure, the chorus is kinda catchy and Eddie's solo is classic Van Halen, but after almost three decades I can't help but think 'This is what Dave and Eddie have come up with?' Meh.

LISTEN: "Tattoo" Preview

Even the song's video -- a low budget, black and white of them performing the song on a small stage -- feels forced. Like old, distant lovers trying to capture the magic they once had. I don't know. Maybe it'll grow on me. What do you think of the song?

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