An El Paso mother and daughter recently were featured on the TODAY website for their matching tattoos, to commemorate the mother's battle with breast cancer.

Veronica Quintanilla has battled breast cancer twice, and her daughter Victoria was there for her every step of the way. During her mother's last chemotherapy treatment, Victoria suggested that her and her mother get matching tattoos. Victoria had already shaved her head in solidarity with her mother during her battle.

In late June, the two went to Dapper Ink in east El Paso and artist Andrew Duran put matching pink bows on the womens' heads.

Veronica told TODAY,

"These tattoos are something special between my daughter and me, never to be seen again. I've been bald twice in my life because of cancer. I don't plan to ever go bald again. Cancer scars you — internally, externally, on your very soul, it leaves a mark. This is something pretty, a pretty mark I'm choosing to add to my body because of this cancer and the point is to never see it again."

Veronica got the larger mama bow while her daughter Victoria got the smaller baby bow. Veronica said that the ink symbolized her fighting against breast cancer twice and the mother-daughter love. She also said the tattoo reminded her of her daughter's strength when she needed her there the most. The tattoos remind the mother how much her daughter loves her and how much she loves her as well.

Artist Andrew Duran wrote this about tattooing the two women,

I got to tattoo these awesome pink bows for some good friends of mine that are battling cancer. These tattoos meant a lot not only to them but me as well, it's an honor to help people get through obstacles in their life with art.

These two women are the epitome of beauty, unwavering strength and the powerful bond between mother and daughter.

Read the entire article about Veronica and Victoria Duran at the TODAY show website.

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