If I get a tattoo on my wrist, what does that mean? Did you even think of when you got or are getting a tattoo that where you get it means something?

  1. Chest tattoo - This represents love and affection. Maybe you have a loved ones name or someone whom is near and dear to your heart.
  2. Finger tattoo - These tattoos are associated with a connection to the heart because the blood vessels lead to your heart. Maybe a wedding ring tattoo or a cross.
  3. Forearm tattoo - These tattoos are often associated with toughness and strength! If you have one of these, consider yourself as cool as Popeye!
  4. Neck tattoos - These represent someone who is risky and makes bold choices. Also it's hard to hide so they aren't afraid to show the world.
  5. Back tattoo - The back tattoo gives the impression that the person is somewhat shy or a mysterious person. You may find big tattoos on the back because the person can hide them easily with clothing.


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