Did you know that no Army bases had tattoo shops until the one that opened up this weekend at Fort Bliss? It's crazy to think that so many service members have tattoos but they had to go of base to get one. That is one of the reasons why Fort Bliss teamed up with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service to allow the American Tattoo Society to open to open up on Fort Bliss. The tattoo shop is the first of its kind tattoo shop on an Army post. There are a couple of tattoo shops on Air Force bases but it's cool that Fort Bliss got the first Army installation tattoo shop.

As the mom of a son who was in the Army for eight years, I can tell you that this was a great idea. The Armed Forces are very specific about the tattoos that they will and won't allow and the Army is smart to be able to have a tattoo shop on post so that the tattoo artists can be versed in what is and isn't allowed. It will also allow the soldiers and their command to know that the place soldiers are getting their tattoos are clean and safe.

Tattoo machine with needle close up.

The American Tattoo Society tattoo shop opened on Saturday and hundreds of people turned out to talk tattoos with the artists. If you are approved to go onto Fort Bliss you can go to the tattoo shop. It isn't just open for soldiers, and they will be following all Army tattoo policies.

If you go to the American Tattoo Society on Fort Bliss you will have to wear a mask at all times. Tattoo artists will wear gloves when in contact with a customer and only the customer and artist are allowed in the tattoo station area. There is a COVID-19 checklist that has to be filled out before you can get your tattoo and you'll have to get your temperature checked with a touchless thermometer.

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