What would it take to shut down a high school valedictorian student from finishing his graduation speech? Simply, talk smack about the school’s staff and administration.

Peter Butera was the senior class president and valedictorian at his high school that had his mic turned off in the middle of his speech for criticizing the administration and stating that he hoped that the people in power in their school system would prioritize education and empower students in the future. This did not sit well with school administration as is seen in the video when his mic was turned off and asked to take a seat.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel who got wind of the story and invited Butera to complete his speech on national television. Truth is that Butera is right, teachers and school administrators sometimes forget that the children are the future and they should be empowered and not have their mics turned off and shooed away because the school administration doesn't want to be embarrassed. More power to Butera for speaking his mind and I personally look forward to seeing him make a difference in the world.

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