Students at Vista College say they had no idea that the private, for-profit trade college was going to close and leave them with no education and no answers as to why they got no heads up about the closure. Vista College has campuses in El Paso and Las Cruces and according to a local news station they sent a announced that they would be closing their doors via an email message to their students.

I checked Vista College's website and as of the publication of this article it was still up and running with no word of their closure. Their Facebook page was also active and had a post about proper sleep habits posted yesterday. There were comments about the closure made by students on that post.

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William Perugini

The doors to the school in El Paso were locked. The email that was sent to students said that the school was working to try and get their students transferred to other schools so they could complete their degrees. Officials with Southwest University said that they would work with former Vista College students to review their transcripts to see if credits could transfer to SWU Nursing, Allied Health and Business Management courses.

IF you are a former student of Vista College you can call Southwest University at 915-778-4001 or contact them online at their website by clicking here.

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