Dua Lipa is doing the rounds and sitting at press interview to promote her new self-titled album. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she performed a few songs from her record including Be The One and her hit single New Rules which is really the bop that catapulted Dua Lipa to pop stardom. Dua is a come-up artist like many others that we know that began their musical careers simply covering songs on youtube. Similar to the path that Justin Bieber used to catch our attention, fans of the pop culture internet world became acquainted with Dua at the tender age of 14. In her performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live you’ll notice her on-point swag, modelesque looks and sweet dance moves from the pop star whose first name “Dua” means “Love” in Albanian. Lipa is scheduled to perform in Texas in early June 2018 in cities including Houston and two dates in Dallas. Check out Dua Lipa’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live below.


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