Columbine High School.  Aurora, Colorado movie theater.  Yesterday's Texas A&M shooting.  No one expects to be caught in the middle of a shooting spree, especially at school, but what you do if that should happen could mean the difference between life and death.


To that end, UTEP will be holding an "active shooter" exercise today from 8am - 1pm at Memorial Triangle Lawn, inside the Geological Sciences Building, on Dormitory Road, and in half of the parking lot east of the College of Liberal Arts Building.

If you are in those areas of campus, you may see law enforcement and emergency services personnel and vehicles.  The area surrounding the Cotton Memorial building may also be affected.

UTEP officials say if you plan on being on campus today during 8am - 1pm, to please avoid the areas where the exercise will be taking place.  You can find more information here, but make sure to give UTEP officials enough space to conduct this exercise.    It's important for everyone.

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