Fair warning that this story may be upsetting to moms like me that can’t stand when their child leaves their trash lying around.

UTEP student Carlos Gonzalez recently tweeted out a photo that seems to be throwing shade at a few other UTEP students that decided they didn’t need to pick up after themselves in the UTEP Student Union.

The sitting area seems to be blocked off and a sign that stands in front of the mess reads, “Your habits are a reflection of you.” I read that in my mom’s voice and honestly, I’m scared.

Many Twitter followers were appalled by seeing this mess and shared their thoughts with some saying it was disappointing to see such disrespect for the UTEP custodial staff, Union building, and students.

And one follower saying that the students sit there all day long and wondered if they ever even go to class!

After further investigation, it seems that at least one of these UTEP students was found and she was not too happy about being called out for her mess. 

FitFam El Paso shared the tweet on their Instagram page and followed it up with a video of the mess that was left behind. Again, the mess you are about to see may trigger those of us who can’t stand messes:

In the video, you see empty plastic containers, food crumbs on the floor, empty pizza boxes, and a lot more trash!

A few people also chimed in the comment section and asked why the students who recorded the mess didn't just clean up the mess themselves? BECAUSE WE ARE NOT THEIR MOTHER’S THAT’S WHY!

The mess was eventually cleaned up by the students a few hours later and the student's took it upon themselves to claim that area as their "VIP" area. Carlos Gonzalez shared these images that were sent to him hours after he tweeted out the first image.

UTEP Student Union
Courtesy: Carlos Gonzalez

Look, I am not one for blasting people online but certain cases do deserve a good ole’ fashioned blasting and this is one of them. Clean up after yourselves. It's that simple.

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