The City of El Paso unveils new sculptures created by local UTEP students made from recycled tires.

Just in time for Earth Day, the City of El Paso and UTEP have teamed up for a new public art project that will be on display for all to see. Selected students from UTEP used tires from the City’s Citizen Collections Stations and transformed them into public art as part of a class project. Each student had to design a steel structure, collect and prepare the tires to be placed over the frame, test the sculpture for structural integrity, and work with a client to site the sculpture and perform monthly inspections on each piece.

The exhibition highlights our local El Paso talent and applauds the efforts of the Environmental Services for encouraging people to participate in the recycling program.

The sculptures are on display now through August 20, 2016 at the Municipal Service Center located at 7968 San Paolo.

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