Is UTEP getting bigger? There is talk that UTEP is looking to expand across I-10 and onto the land that used to be the home of the ASARCO smelter.

courtesy: UTEP Facebook page
courtesy: UTEP Facebook page

The University of Texas Board of Regents will be in town tomorrow afternoon to discuss possibly expanding the campus by buying the 443 ASARCO acres.

MountainStar Sports Group toured the site last month as news broke that the group who brought Triple A baseball to El Paso was looking to bring Major League Soccer to the city.

The agenda item about the ASARCO land will come up during the regents meeting around 1:45 tomorrow afternoon. The agenda item doesn’t mention a purchase price for the land, but does mention two surveys that have been done that will also be talked about.

If you would like to attend the regents meeting, it will be on the third floor of the Union Building East.