Looks like the UTEP Miners football team will have another weekend off as North Texas postponed this weekend’s scheduled contest due to the pandemic situation here in El Paso.  UTEP had already announced that it would not allow fans in the stands at the Sun Bowl on Saturday, but those measures weren’t enough to convince North Texas officials that bringing their team to El Paso was safe.

It’s no secret that the current COVID numbers in El Paso are embarrassingly high at the moment.  As a result, City and County officials have implemented new restrictions and a temporary curfew in an attempt to flatten the curve.  While I really do feel bad for high school and college athletes, I also recognize that the main priority should be making sure those student athletes are safe an in turn hopefully decrease the chances of their families and loved ones testing positive for coronavirus.

Even though I’m a homebody by nature, it’s still frustrating not feeling entirely free to be out and about at the moment and I know this frustration is not exclusive to me.  What I can suggest is to turn this negative into a positive.  Use it to reconnect with the people in your household.  Sit in the same room, watch TV together, talk, play Monopoly (or another board game that doesn’t lead to fighting).  If we do that, we might just pull through this pandemic feeling closer and with stronger family bonds than what we had going into this.

A postponed football game is a small price to pay considering the risks holding events where people gather pose.  Stay safe everybody.

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