The #Miners are opening at home TONIGHT!  So, pick's up in the AIR!

UTEP is taking on RICE Owls, with both TEAMS looking to strut their new stuff, from UTEP with freshman start of Trace Mascorro and Dedrick Simpson trying show and prove DEFENSE!  Both are searching for the consistency and take those pass chatcher to the EXTREME!

The KISS eye will watch for TRUE control of the LINE, you know the scrimmage one.  The RUN and the real UTEP technique will be as we watch!  I know the Sun City is watching the offensive line!

It will stay into the 80's the HEAT IS ON!

Playing tonight at 6 p.m. Mountain Standard, at the Sun Bowl, let's FILL the stadium and show are COLORs, get tixs HERE!!!! UTEP Pride!  Catch interviews and vid's on training day thanks to UTEP!

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