It's not that often we think about the inner workings of some things.

I mean, who would have thought that the bra could get any better?

The answer: every woman who has ever had to wear one, I'd bet.

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The United States Army has announced that one piece of its uniform is being studied and, hopefully, redesigned.

If you've ever had a Sergeant Major scream into your ear anything about AR 670-1, you know that he was about to gig you for something. Pocket unbuttoned? That's worthy of a gig. Belt buckle not centered? That's a gig. Sleeves not rolled properly? Boots not polished? Uniform wrinkled? All worthy of a gig.

Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash
Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash

The only time we could be gigged (by the way, a "gig" is when a person in a superior position finds fault with your uniform) for our undergarments is A) when they were improperly rolled or stored in our locker, or B) when the visible part of your t-shirt's collar or sleeves were out of regulation. If your collar was stretched out or if your sleeves were visible below your rolled blouse sleeves, for example.

I am guessing that it's the same for women in the military: the only time they could be gigged for their undergarments was when the garments were in their lockers and such.

So for the Army to consider studying the brassiere to make it better for its soldiers who must wear them is a step in the right direction, in my opinion.

So, what makes for a "tactical" brassiere? Well, I would assume that some level of comfort will be considered. Whether it's the fit, the weight, or the way it affects the body's temperature will all be in the mix, I would assume.

According to a post from the Army Times, the United States Army is working to re-work the brassiere for its soldiers who wear them.

And what happens when the Army designs or redesigns something? It must get tested. Can you imagine that conversation?

DRILL SERGEANT: Soldier, we need you to test out the latest and greatest high-speed, high-tech Army technology.

SOLDIER: OOOHHWAAAAA, DRILL SERGEANT! What is it we'll be testing? A new large-caliber weapon? A new laser sighting unit? A tank that uses Stealth Technology??

Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash
Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash

DRILL SERGEANT: No, no, soldier, it's much more important than any of those! We need you to run this through the wringer and tell us how it can be improved (throws sports bra-looking thing at the solder).

SOLDIER: YES DRILL SERGEANT! (Looks at bra). A bra, drill sergeant? You want me to wear a bra?



Okay, so maybe the Army isn't the same as it was when I was there, but I'm sure they will have some real-world testing done before the final product is decided upon.

According to the story, the realization of the need for a newer, more tactical brassiere came to light after a survey of several soldiers who wear bras.

Photo by Janne Simoes on Unsplash
Photo by Janne Simoes on Unsplash

Some of the features of the sports bra-looking garment that are being developed include moisture management, breathability, being able to work well with existing body armor, and using flame-retardent materials.

The Army wants to create a bra for its soldiers that will "not only protect the user, but reduce the cognitive burden on the female Soldier caused by discomfort and ill fit", according to Ashley Cushon, a clothing designer for the Army.

The story says that, currently, they are working on 4 different prototypes:

Concepts A and B are pullover sports bras with padding and structured seams and a shelf style, respectively. Concept C is a compression bra with cross-back straps. Concept D has a zippered front closure with contoured seams and adjustable cross back straps. - Army Times

The researchers are hoping to present their designs to the Army at some point during the fall and, if the designs are accepted, testing of the Army Tactical Brassiere (its official name) will begin soon after.


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