If traveling more is on your bucket list this year, then a trip to the Land of Enchantment should be added!

Tripadvisor recently came out with their list of "Top Out of the Ordinary Hotels" in the world! Unfortunately, none in Texas made the list (WTF?), however, our friends to the West did make the list!

Coming in at number nine is the Blue Swallow Motel located in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Tripadvisor gives no particular reason as to why it's on the list, all it says is:

Repeat visit! Love the Blue Swallow!

We'll assume that is a review from a visitor, but upon further research of the Blue Swallow Motel, I can certainly see why it is considered unique and "out of the ordinary". Located right off the historic Route 66, there certainly seems like there's a lot more to this quaint motel.

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Check out this TikTok video that goes into detail as to what sets this motel apart from others.

How many motels do you know come with their own garage?

Visitors, and influencers alike, can enjoy the enjoy the vintage vibes and stay in a room that looks straight out of a movie; actually, the entire motel looks like it's straight out of the Pixar movie "Cars".

The classic cars and the iconic vintage neon sign are definitely eye catching; and it makes for one memorable selfie that is guaranteed to get you a lot of likes!

I've always wanted to travel through the historic Route 66 and the Blue Swallow Motel looks like a place I'd love to stop by!

The Blue Swallow Motel is deftineily a little slice of heaven that entices you while road trippin' through Route 66! You can check out more details, like how much a stay costs, by clicking here.

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