Winner will be announced soon!

Our listeners surely delivered with photos of their ugly couches. We had been updating our post with all the great photos, and ultimately had Mike and Tricia vote for their Top 3.

It was a tough decision, due to all the great listener photos showing the springs that are ripping through cushions. We saw tons of stuffing falling out of cushions, along with plenty of pleather. We were able to narrow the finalist down to the top three ugliest couches, as picked by Mike and Tricia.

Congrats to Gabe, Xavier, and Yolanda for having some of the ugliest couches in El Paso. No need to question how the couches became so ugly, especially since it seems Gabe's was born that way.

Now, we are asking YOU to vote for your favorite ugliest couch. Make sure to place your vote, no later than Monday. Soon we will crown the owner of the ugliest couch, who will also be awarded a $2000 gift certificate from Household Furniture!

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